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Not just another shooting channel……

Our Compass

What’s this channel for? It’s for the incessant, unending improvement of the skills and technology of shooting sports.

Why is that important? Because without it, you’re stuck with or are trying to modify the same, old ideas of yesterday. Over time, you will grow bored, complacency will set in, and shooting sports will decline to the point of being but an old memory.

Why care that shooting sports are more than a memory? They’re a lot of fun for one. But it challenges you to do something active AND use your brain. You don’t have to be a top-level athlete or a rocket surgeon to be involved. That opens the door to more people to get involved, and with more people, competition goes up. This forces you to improve your own performance. 

Even better, it creates a class of people that are more active and creative which improves our society. You’re more capable of creating bigger and better ideas and solutions to life, and the world benefits.

Shoot More. Shoot Better. Just Keep Shooting.

Shoot Smart

I’ve always had a passion for shooting sports.  

It’s actually what led me down the path in life that I’ve been able to enjoy.

Now I’m on a mission to take that to the next level.

I live my life according to the principle of a “Vision” …..kind of like goals on steroids.

My Vision for shooting sports is that they become a mainstream sport much like the sports on TV are today.

You can help by learning more about shooting sports, participating in competitions, and becoming a better shooter.

That’s Shooting Smart.  

Where We're Headed...

As content continues to be produced, the following of people who share our passion will help us to shape the mold for what’s needed most.  Every intention is set to align our skillsets, backgrounds, and experience with what’s needed to propel the shooting sports world forward with new technology and opportunities.

Our Core Values

We have been endowed by our Creator the right to “Keep and Bear Arms” as so famously advanced by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.  This is so that we may continue to be FREE men and women, exercise our Free Will, and dispel tyranny that threatens to destroy our freedoms.

Meet Reese

There can be many titles given, but that doesn’t suit understanding who Reese is.

He constantly strives to make things better and genuinely seeks collaboration on how to make that happen.  The best way to come to know him is to contact him!

Reese Thompson


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